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Good architecture is the result of careful thinking and informed making. 

David Jason Miller Architect PLLC is a practice emphasizing an integrated, collaborative design approach to achieve design excellence. Projects span across professional, research and teaching disciplines, ranging in scale from complex interior renovations to modestly scaled ground-up buildings and in location from rural areas to dense urban conditions.


Our work is motivated by conceptual innovation, a commitment to sustainable solutions, a dedicated attention to detail at all scales, and a strong understanding of the construction process. Recognizing the design and construction of any building on a particular site is a complex undertaking, DJMA engages every project through an interdisciplinary lens. Involving close collaboration not only with clients, but also with builders, consultants and fabricators ensures the greatest possible results for every project.


Our experience in the arenas of construction management, interior design, lighting design, and sustainable design affords DJMA unique insights into both the process and the product of building while allowing us to best represent our clients’ or partners’ interests. This working methodology represents a commitment to establish a meaningful relationship between the concepts, the contents and the contexts that shape our built environment. Each project is viewed as an opportunity for architecture that is at once thoughtful, functional, and progressive.



David Jason Miller Architect PLLC is committed to the thinking and making of architecture that supports meaningful social change. Architects share a fundamental responsibility to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the public. This professional responsibility dovetails with the pillars of economic, environmental, human and social sustainability. From these frameworks, DJMA pursues Five Points of (Equity in) Architecture: Access; Activism; Advocacy; Agency; and Appropriateness. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, tells us: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Yet Justice needs us - all of us - to work in solidarity on its behalf.  We have work to do. 

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