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A progressive architectural practice focused on the creation of a modern yet contextual architecture inspired by regional vernaculars, Chad Everhart Architect and DJMA collaborate on a variety of academic and professional projects.


A planning and design firm with a penchant for storytelling and placemaking, Destination by Design and DJMA partner together to propose ideas and develop projects to benefit small mountain communities.

An architectural practice that discovers architecture with clients through custom residential projects, Don Woodruff AIA and DJMA work together on projects where sustainable design and performance are high priorities.    

An internationally recognized, New York-based firm that leads the industry in Architect Led Design Build project delivery, Gluck+ demonstrates the capacity for an architect to plan, design, construct, and commission a building project with specificity and intention while attending carefully to the wants and needs of their clients.

An award-winning architectural practice based in New Jersey, Jeff Jordan Architects and DJMA collaborate professionally on speculative projects that emphasize affordability, buildability, and sustainability.

An architectural lighting design firm based in Mexico City that works internationally, with projects in Asia, Europe, and North America, Lux Populi and DJMA explore a professional conversation that asks questions of and seeks answers for the qualities, roles, and technologies of light.

An architectural practice with wide ranging work in the North Carolina High Country, Pavelchak Architecture and DJMA partner on a variety of challenging residential and speculative projects where innovative solutions are needed. 

An academic curriculum program operated like a professional office, the IDEXlab at Appalachian State University provides students an opportunity to plan, design, build, and commission real projects for real clients with faculty serving as both educators and facilitators. 

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